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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

On Saturday, the last day of symposium we had a short trip to Yazd. The city is located in central. The historians have written that its history goes back to one millennium before the emergence of Islam. Its name comes from �Yazdan�. It means �holiness� and �blessedness�. The city was the settlement and central city for Zoroastrians. Most of the Fire Temples in Iran are located in Yazd. Fire temple is holy place for Zoroastrians to worship the God. In Farsi it calls �Atash kadeh�, Atash means fire and Kadeh means temple. We visited �Dowlat Abad� garden in this Garden there is a very large house, which has special building structure that can get wind and make the house cool and pleasure. And also �Dakhmeh�s it means crypts. They were a place for dead bodies. In past Zairians put the dead bodies on Crypts because they believed that dead bodies had more noise when they talked with the God so they should be put on the Crypt to be closer to God. And after some times they buried them.


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