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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

How awful when we find out we are alone.
Today I feel alone more than ever.
I have no ear to listen, not hear, my painful words.
I have family, friends I live near them but I am alone.
I remember all the times that they talk to me about their pain and problems. But I never remember the times they listen to me even to solve my problems. They are busy, they have family, and they have not enough time to spend with me. Oh, it is awful, whenever they want, come to my life, talk to me, take my time, then they calm and go, go for the next time.
Today I need some body to talk with, to cry in her arm and feel secure. But I can not find any. I have! But they have not enough time for me.
I hate these sentences:� Oh, sorry I am busy. Are you free, plz translate this part for me?�
My God I just have you, only you and my computer listen to me. Thanks, thanks, but sometimes I wish you spoke like human! But no, no perhaps if you speak like human you say� I have not enough time! I am too busy!


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