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Sunday, September 21, 2003

These days I miss myself very much, and also I miss you!
My nice, beautiful and dearest friend where are you?
I miss my papers, I miss that me, who wrote her poem, I miss that me who wrote every things, all the painful days, all the full tears eyes, all the happy moments, all the seconds when we eagerly searched an excuses to have a contact with each other. How simple and funny excuses we found!
I remember all the times that I wrote my feelings and then I felt better. But what about now?! What happen to me ?!
I remember when I though I can make my fate and my future! When, I though that I can choose, I have opportunity to choose!. But now I find out I am only an actress in life theatre not more. I should yield in front of fate and nature.
Also I remember when I decided to forget you to show I can change some things in my life but what happened? All the times you came in my mind. You got from me the opportunity of chooses. What do want from me, tell me so soon. You have not enough time!


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