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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Tomorrow is the birthday of Muslim`s last Imam (Mahdi).
I am so happy because my birhday is tomorrow too. I do not know why I love him so much I just know that whenever I feel sad or disapoited he came in my dreams. I remember when I was a little girl whenever I became sad or upset I talked with him but I never though he is not reality, I really feel his presence. I told him everythings that I liked to tell him without any hesitance. but now when I am sad or disappointed he just come in my dreams, he listen to mywords carefully and patiently, then he say nothing to me only he look at me and sometimes my eyes and I find out I should think about my problems more and more.
and in the morning when I wake up, really I have a strange energy to start again!
my dear friend! my honey! happy birthday to yooooou!


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