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Sunday, December 21, 2003

In Iranian traditional culture for marriage, parents play an important role.
Family of boy after a serious search and investigation choose a family that has a beautiful girl (who knows how to sewing, cooking, cleaning…) and surly the family has the same social class. Then, the family of the girl starts to do some research about family of boy and the boy. If the boy has a house and a good job and perhaps a car is the best boy and they accept him. If the boy has none of them or some of them the family of girl make some preconditions and conditions in a certain period of time for the boy to do and get them. If he cannot they reject him.
In Iranian modern culture for marriage, boy and girl are determiners. They should make decision and also they should consult with their parents. So, here, based on the partner’s beliefs, something gets prior grade and more important than others.


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I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am a student in America taking a course about gender in the Middle East. I found this post interesting, and was wondering where you stood in marriage. Are you currently married? If you are not married will you face marriage in a traditional way or in a modern way? Thanks for giving us insight into your life and culture.



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