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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

During the previous weeks I was too busy.
My mother was sick and I should nursing her,
Some new student groups from America, Ukraine and Japan came to Isfahan University, so my classes increased,
Do you remember my survey about Isfahan historical monuments in pre-Islam and Post- Islam? When I was thinking it is finished some of my teachers suggested me to work on it more, because they believe it has a good and new subject. So whenever I had time I study more on it, and during these days it was in the last steps.
Also one of my friends has a serious problem and I should help her, and also I took some time to hear her complains.
And also so many new works, which I was started and I talk about them later.
But none of them made me to be careless about my personal life and myself!
Night & night, not only the best time to gather and take the results of the all happens to me during the day but also to make the decision and plan about my future life!


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