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Friday, April 23, 2004

Some months ago I wrote some thing about �Hejab� (Islamic cover for women). But I think it was not enough because so far some of my readers ask me about it. Islam said it is better for women to cover their bodies from who are not their father, brothers, husband and uncles.
It is better for them to avoid wearing thigh and thin clothes and cover their hairs when they are in a place that there is/are unknown man. Surly, it is a general law and every body should analyze it and adopt it with his/her situation. Some of Islamic intellectuals believe that Hejab is relative matter and it depends on time and place and some other factors. They believe, Islam suggests women to do it only to respect women�s dignity that they are not respectful and attractive for their beauty but for their thoughts and beliefs.
In Quran, the God said: �there is no force for you to accept our laws and rules �.� (Baqareh 256)
Now, in Iran it is a law for women to use Hejab. And each woman as an Iranian citizen should obey the laws.
I should mentioned that in Islam we are advised to use light colors like blue, green, pink and white.. And avoid using black. Unfortunately, in Iran most of Iranian women prefer to use black clothes!


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