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Friday, May 02, 2003

In the morning sky was full of clouds and in this weather I feel upset. I preferred to stay in bed. But I had to go to my work. Finally I jumped out of bed and ate a cup of tea as my breakfast, then I kissed my mother and went out. I took a taxi it was not economic but it was better than getting on the crowded bus. I tough my foreign students Farsi and then my Iranian students English. When I finish my works, it was rainy that was so nice. I preferred to walk. At first I feel pleasure and I said thanks to God for his rain. I looked at the trees and flowers they seemed so beautiful and magic. The city looked so nice that I felt presence of angels on the earth. But where ever I went I saw a couple, a boy and a girl, a lady and a gentleman, even the sparrows were couple. I do not know what they talked about maybe they talked about their love or � I did not know. I just knew I was alone without any partner to enjoy walking and talking about�. I continued my road. Suddenly I saw a couple they walked separately and sometimes they shouted something which was not pleasure. At that time I confused which one is better? ! Be alone and enjoy or together and � .
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