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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Chahar Bagh School, is one of the five schools built during the reign of shah Sultan Hussein, the last king of Safavid dynasty. This school is considered as a masterpiece specimen of the architecture of that period.
The preciousness of the architecture of the school is not limited to its design and overall constitution but also its decorations are an extraction of the experience of the artists from the Safavid period, and this building should be considered as a treasure of the most precious tile- work, The Ccalligraphy, sculpture, mosaic- work, gold work, silver-work and paintings.Chahar- Bagh School, during its three hundred eras of existence, has been the place of instruction and learning of dignitaries whose blessings still can be sensed from doors and walls of the school.
Nowadays, this scientific center, bearing the name of the theological school of Emam Sadegh (Peace be upon him) is still one of the active culture and theological centers of Esfahan.


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