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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Yesterday is a unforgettable day for me�
I put my pride, logic, patience and tolerance at the back of the door! I could hear their sounds! They argued, they tried to come and prevent me to do so! But they had no permission to come in!
I was free of all that!
All that has happened were reviewed in my mind freshly completely fresh and new!
I did not want to think about any but myself!
My favorite music started to play and Little by little, I felt wet and warm tears� I welcomed them. �
My eyes were so kind! They became rainy to calm my heart! �.
As my heart was so kind that tolerated all only to keep their beauty�
Oh no� All parts of my body were crying! All need to water themselves! All was perished! I forgot myself!
I cried for all the words that I said! For all I heard! For all the ignorance�s! For all the times that I wasted� Times and times�!
Yes I waste the best time for my M.A exam!
But today I am well! I let them to come together and consult.
Perhaps they can help me!


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