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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


At first days of Mehr( the first month of autumn) which is the first month of school year for Iranian students, I was invited to teach in one of the high schools of the city.
When I went there to talk about the conditions of working I saw most of my teachers teach there too…!
That was great for me to work as colleague with my school teachers.
I started my work with some problems and enjoins. Fortunately I could make a relaxed and friendly relationship with my students. We had good and memorable time with each other. I make them study hard and also enjoy their study. I let them suggest their own idea about teaching and learning English in the class and that was work well.
Last Saturday was the last time in the year that we were with each other. Their examination was good, not too difficult not too easy.
Perhaps I will be their teacher next year.
I wish the best for all of my students.


At 6:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran calls it'self an anti-women's rights country? Yet it allows female teachers... who will, ofcourse, teach female supremacy (because women hate men for some reason...). Prior to 1850 in the USA there were about 0 female teachers. Reach that level and you can call yourself anti-women's rights. Sadly... the US has fallen. Soon Iran will be a police state... with women's rights! Just where the USA is headed. I'm sure you'll be glad of that, woman. Sometimes I wonder why God made woman. To be an enemy of man? An enemy man loves invariably?

Death To women's Rights.

At 2:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, if you look back in history, it seems as though God made men to be the biggest enemy of women! no wonder women are so angry now after thousends of years of oppression!! Your mother and sisters are women for God's sake, how can you say death to women's rights?! May God punish all men who think like you

At 1:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no sister :).
Yea and my father is a man.
Death To women's Rights.

I've read the Bible, there are no women's rights in it. I don't think God will be punishing me for that "crime". If you are a man you will learn, or your sons will learn, when there are no good females in your persia.

At 8:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our world will never be as strong or great as it can be until this stupid hatred of anyone different than yourself is done. Whatever your hatreds or prejudices are they make you smaller and weaker than that you wish to oppress!!!!


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