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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Who is Cyrus?
Many many years ago, three nations came to large Iranian plateau and settled down. They were Parsee, Parthia, Madian. Madian nation could stablish the first kingdom in Iran. Sometimes they had battle with other two nations especially Parsee nation.
At the time of last king of Madian, this nation faced with many problems, other nations run riot in some part of Iran. And every thing was against Madian nation.
The last Madian king had a very beautiful girl. Her name was Mandana.
And many boys of Madian nation liked to get marry with her. But one night, the king had a bad dream and his dream interpreters told him �you should not allow your doughter to get marry with Madian boys, if you do this you help your enemy to fail you. You should choose your daughter�s husband among other nations. It can help you to have more friends and protect your kingdom.�
But who could be her husband? Who was chose by the king? From which nations? What was the future of Madian nation? What was the future of Iran?
You can find the answers next time.



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