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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Today I went to Tourism Orgnanization to take my final scores.
When I arrived I met some of classmates that made me so happy, we talked about many things.
My scores are good, I am sure if I had more free time I could have gotten better. Now I have the second position in my class.
When I saw my classmates and the name of my courses I remember all happen to me last year! How pleasant was!
In the morning I should go to Isfahan University and teach, at noon go to my university and study, in the afternoon go to tourism classes and study &sometimes observe, in the evening go to English institute and teach and finally at 10:00 p.m back home and do my homework.
How I was happy! I miss those days!
No, no, I never like to think about past, I would like to feel pleasant for present and be hopeful about future!


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