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Friday, February 13, 2004

Yesterday afternoon some of my school friends came to my house.
They surprised me!
At first when they called me for it, I did not feel pleasant because I thought it is better for me to be alone but when they came´┐Ż .
It was unforgettable day; we review all the school memories: We were top students in our school but how we were naughty! We were cheating our teachers and help weak students! Oh, we remembered all of the parties before our final examinations that forced us to be awake all the night for studying! We reviewed how we became friend! We remember all the days that we talked about our beliefs and thoughts. You know, we had a few similarities in our beliefs although we have had same goal, but we knew how to respect each other, fortunately now after these years, not only we did not loose our beliefs but also we nearly reach our goal. It is pleasant!
Among my friends, one of them is the closest for me! She is so kind I like her very much! we can understand each other well! Although we have a few common points but we know when we need each other!
I hope my kind God bless my friends and our friendship!


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