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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Iranian set �HAFT SEEN� for New Year.
�Haft Seen� means Seven Ss. We put seven things that start with S sound on a �Sofreh�, (table cloth). They are Samanoo (juice of germinating wheat that taste sweet), Serkeh (vinegar), Seer (garlic), Senjed (it is a kind of fruit or better to say kind of grocery that is yellow and orange oval), Sekeh (coin), Sib (apple), Sabzeh (grass which Iranian plant it 15-20 days before Norooz in a plate). Some Iranian put Sombol (a kind of flower). Each of them is symbol of an aspect. �Samanoo� as symbol of sweet and happiness, �Vinegar�; be patient, �Coin�; be rich, �Garlic�; be health, Senjed; be strong, �Red apple�; symbol of Love, �Sabzeh�; be happy.
Also we put our Holy Koran, a mirror, one or more red fish in water, two candles, some colored eggs for family members, Shab boo (gillyflower), some wheat seeds, fruits, cookies and nuts on Sofreh.
We usually put fish in front of mirror.


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