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Monday, March 15, 2004

Tomorrow night is the last Wednesday night of this year!
Iranian according to a traditional custom celebrates this night!
We call it �CHAHARSHANBEH SOURI�. (Chaharshanbeh means Wednesday and Souri was the changed form of Souzi that means burning)
In the past, each family made a little fire in the yard to kill all the evils in the house. They sing, dance and try to enjoy this celebration. This ceremony refers to Zoroastrian beliefs about power of fire.
Today�s, we celebrate this night but with some changes! We make fire in the street and we gather with our neighbors and friends not only with our family. We also sing and clap if possible dance and tell jocks and we laugh. Indeed, in this night the young girls and boys do �Fal GooSH� (it is Persian word). It means that they think about their favorite partner, it is better to say love, and suddenly enter in a place, which some bodies talk and they get the first words of their speech and interpret it for them! And perhaps it becomes true!
I hope tomorrow I enjoy this celebration and also I am going to do �FAL GOOSH�.


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