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Friday, March 12, 2004

It the last days of the year and I should finalized all my works. Also I should set a schedule for my next year.
These days I am really busy!
In New Year I have to start my work sooner than ever!
I should continue my Farsi classes on 7th day of New Year!
Also I should prepare for German- Iranian 2nd International Symposium/ workshop, which is holding on April 14-18.
In addition I should continue the editing of the English Reading Book for Iranian students!
And if I cannot finish translating of my free texts, I should complete them in the first days of New Year!
Also I have three important examinations in the second month of New Year.
And finally, these days, I should be ready for New Year and help my mother to clean the house!!!!!
Oh! Poor me! How much I am busy!


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