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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

This mosque is an extraordinary complex of mosques greater than all other historical monuments of Esfahan. It is a collection of architectural and artistic works. In fact it presents the development of arts and architecture achieved in course of more than 1100 years. The entrance corridor shows round pillars from the 12th century. The unique southern dome (khajeh Nezam Al molk dome) and the magnificent northern dome, which is named the Khaki dome, are from the 11th century. All four porches (eivans), which are located around the courtyard, are from the 12th century, but restorations and ornamentations are from later periods.
The sanctuary of Oljaitu prayer- niche (Mehrab), which has unique plasterwork, is a masterpiece of art from the 14th century. The winter gallery (Shabestan) located behind the above mentioned mehrab is another outstanding part of the mosque.


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