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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Some thing was broken inside me!
I could hear its crash! That was terrible!
(I do not know what was it?! I am not sure!)
It is two days that I am silence fast! Exactly like Saint Merry! She was lucky!
I say nothing, hear nothing and do nothing, I cannot!
No tears, no cry, no laugh, no �.
I see and maybe act as routine days but I am not conscious!
My mother, my family talk with me, asks some thing but I only can hear their voice! And show no response!
All my senses sleep deeply! It is good for them I want they rest for a long time! It is winter; it is better for them to sleeeeeep! Perhaps spring can make them awake!
I am not sick! I need to think!
There are something ambiguity I need to think!
I need to think! I need to think!


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