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Friday, September 10, 2004

In the following, you can reed the charter of the human rights of Cyrus the great, on a baked-clay cylinder.
� I am Cyrus, king of the world, great king, mighty king, king of Babylon, king of the land of Sumer and Akkad, king of the four quarters, son of Cambyases, When I well- disposed, entered Babylon, I set up a seat domination in the royal palace amidst jubilation and rejoicing�. My numerous troops moved about undisturbed in the midst of Babylon. I did not allow anyone to terrorize the land of Sumer and Akkad. I kept in view the needs of Babylon and all its sanctuaries to promote their well-being. The citizens of Babylon�. I lifted their unbecoming yoke. Their dilapidated dwellings I restored. I put an end to their misfortunes.�


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