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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Who is feminist?
I believe that:
Feminist is who believes equal rights for men and women not similar rights!
Feminist is who believes woman with her own elegance, talents and abilities that were granted her by nature. She/he would not try to make some thing look like man with woman features.
Feminist is who even once a time read some of the immortal events (peace or war) of history and found out that for most of them women were a creator or/and governor of them.
Feminist is who believe the irony hands of women in velvet weaver gloves.
At the end, I wish a day women and men recognize their rights and respect them.


At 4:09 AM , Anonymous Allen said...

Hi iranindoughter,
I was on your page back in November I think. I left you a message with my email addy. You responded to my email via yahoo messenger.

Unfortunately, I wasn't on yahoo for awhile and didn't receive it.

I would enjoy chatting with you to exhange perspectives on lifes in the countries of iraq and the United States.

I am very interested in opinions of people foreign to my country.

Please recontact me if this is agreeable to you.

I have a sense of humor, but upon first meeting some one out of my country, I am little cautious, because I am afraid that I will be misunderstood and hurt someone's feelings. However later when I know that person for a period of time I revert back to my usual mischevious self. lol

Tc.. hope to hear from you,


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