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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

True Love

Dear Rodman
Thank you so much for your nice and rich comment.
Yes you are right;
True love is not you tell him and he remembers. True love is he forgets and you still stand by him. Selfishness closes the door to the light of love.
Thank you! Thank you!


At 4:59 PM , Anonymous بلفی said...

Cheghadr Ziba. man age dorost fahmide basham manzooreto, bahat movafegham. Vaghti eshgh miad,dige mani vojood nadare, hame chiz mishe oo...

At 8:24 PM , Anonymous Georg said...

Yes, that might be true love. But if you are barking under the wrong tree?
If you are barking under the the wrong for a long time, stubbornly? It might be true love but for nothing. You might be nothing but an annoyance.


At 7:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Death To women's Rights


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