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Sunday, December 24, 2006

I back

Although I am too tired now, I'd like to write for my web log. As I've accepted in the university I had less free time to come to Internet and write to my web log. I hope all of you are happy and well and every thing is OK with you. I am well and busy. I have a research about Isfahnian accent intonation. It is a new subject. So far just once, many years ago one of Isfahn linguist worked on it. It is interesting to have a interview with old Isfahan people who know and observe the rules of the accent carefully and perfectly. On the last days of October I had an Iranian tour to Yazd, Naieen and Isfahan. It was for Iranian visual artists. It was my first Iranian tour as an experiment it was good. Also last week I had a tour. They were from Mexico and Swiss. They were artists too. By these two tours I could find some new friends.
Last week was the last days of the University semester for my students. (I had 16 hours teaching in the Isfahan University)I took their exams. Just two of them failed. Next week is the High school last days of first semester and I hope they could pass their exams successfully. You know as I am student again I can understand my students better.
These days I live in Isfahan for 4first days of week and rest of the week I am in Tehran. It is an interesting experiment; it is a little difficult some times though.


At 1:18 AM , Blogger El DueƱo said...

Hello, how are you? First I am going to appear and later I will say to you because I write here. My name is Guillermo Lazarte, I am of Argentina (I hope that you know that it is a country and that it is in South America), I have 25 years and study law. The situation interests much to me that is being lived in Iran and what I create is a constant attack against a different culture but that does not have because to be attacked (I say that although I do not believe in the God of the West nor in the Muslim Wing). Tired of the manipulations that the press does of the information - and in individual of which it happens in Iraq and Iran - I decided to look for in Internet somebody that has the good predisposition to tell me or to say to me as it sees the things from there. For that reason it is that I write to you and I leave my direction you of mail so that - if you agree - you tell the reality me that you live and I promise contarte to you as they say here that they are the things or as it is the situation in this side of the world. My English is not very good, I hope that you understand it. If it interests my proposal to you I hope that you write to me to jglazarte@gmail.com Thanks anyway to publish your truth in blog and excuse the annoyances that I cause to you. I wait for your mail. An affectionate greeting. Guillermo Lazarte

At 9:49 PM , Anonymous RobiN said...

how is being a freshman in university after a while?!!
it's cool huh?
by the way; i wish you had passed those poor students you failed!

At 3:30 AM , Blogger Mike said...

How good is the University of Tehran? I am from the US, so I'm not sure about its academic standards- all we hear about is how students sometimes protest.


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