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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Answering a question and ...

One of my best American friend -Jam-who knew me from my web log ask me:
You wrote about Arg-e-Karimkhani, and i have a question : in it you said the Zand Dynasty was "post Islam", and since 'post' is 'after', i was wondering, what took it's place in the meantime?

The first king of Zand Dynasty was known as a justice king. He called himself "Vakil al ra`aya" which means the attorney of people. Nobody called him the king. So he was, and is one of the most respectful kings in our history. Also the Arg e Karimkhani which I talked about it before is in Shiraz.

My translating project which was about some world religions was finished last week. My university classes will be finished next Monday. So I become freer to do some thing for myself. Indeed I am going to an aerobic class on odd day morning. It is really interesting and enjoyable. I feel fresh after my class. These days I could not practice my piano lessons. I hope I can do next week.


At 5:29 AM , Anonymous PersianArchitect said...

Hi Eftekhar, it is so great that you right in English, by the way I have missed Esfahan,half of the world.

At 3:43 PM , Blogger I love Munich said...

Hi Eftekhar,
I find that so great that you take aerobic-lessons ... SUPER! I'd need that again as well ... *SIGH*

So today your university classes are over .. CONGRATULATION!!
I used to play the piano as well ... why do you play? Classics?

At 3:44 PM , Blogger I love Munich said...

persianarchitect .. I wanted to open your site but failed - anything wrong?

At 4:13 PM , Anonymous ahsan said...

Hi aftekhar
my name is Ahsan from Esfahan

I am very happy your University Finished cuold you please more to write about different subiect.

Thank you


At 8:29 AM , Blogger eftekhar said...

My nice freind
Thanks for your kind and nice attention.you know I am not a university student.I teach in one department of Isfahan university.

At 12:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I am HIH Prince Faghrie Al Yaseen Khan e Zand of the Zand Dynasty. The Great, Great Grand Son of HIH Nasru'llah Khan e Zand. The Royal family as far as my teaching of it goes was always believers of Islam. I wear the Roayl ring of HM King Karim. I believe we are the only direct descendants from the males side of the Royal family alive. I would be interested to hear how you have come from the Zand dynasty


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