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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Today is the second day of spring. Spring came at the early hours of Wednesday and we celebrate its coming. Last day as usual whole my family (my parents, sister and brothers and their families and I) went out in a very nice and pleasant village. Remember the day of nature in our culture is on 13th of spring but because my family cannot gather in that day we go out on first day of spring.
Last year passed. I liked it. Many new and good things happened in it and I learn many things. The most important one is whatever I want and try as much as I can I will reach it; even if I thought it was impossible some day.
I hope a very happy and successful year for both Iranian and non Iranian. Spring is the messenger of changes and freshness and happiness.
Welcome it soon, come on!


At 3:23 AM , Blogger Mister Ghost said...

Happy Newroz, Eftekhar.
I hope things are nice for you.

At 1:26 AM , Anonymous bebin tv said...

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At 7:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you stay as naive as you are today, but be careful, in your country dreams can be dangerous.

At 10:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly, happy new year, and many happy returns to all Iranians , and human beings around the world.

Secondly so long as you had all your loved ones around you, it does not matter which date it was, the idea is fun, and I hope you all had a wonderful time, and enjoyed each other, renewing the bonds of affection, and celebrating the bounties, and bliss of nature.

Thirdly, you are one hundred percent right, if you can dream it, you can do it, of course so long as dreams are doable, otherwise dreams shall remain only dreams.

Fourthly, enjoy learning, and exploring the vibrant world that we live in, there is a whole universe out there to study.

Finally for the asshat anonymous troll;

Make sure to take your head out of your ass on your way out, in case you bump into a little old lady and knock her over.

did you have any help, or did you all by yourself, and your pox riddled moronic wisdom came out with that little gem?

Think wither one of these sites should do you well;



Now go git there troll!

Happy New Year Guy

At 10:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Thank you :)

At 1:16 PM , Anonymous mina amini said...

Dear Eftekhar

Today I saw your blog and I had a en good and enjoyable time with you.Thank you so much.My name is mina . I'm living in Tehran .Let me say your english is excellent. I like it very much. My English isnot good but I will try improve.
I promise every day see your blog and learn new things.
take care and have a nice time

At 7:55 PM , Blogger Mister Ghost said...

Hello Mina Amini,
Your English is good. Keep working at
it and it is sure to become better.
Take Care.
Mister Ghost

At 1:26 AM , Anonymous Robin! said...

Hi! happy new year!
i've got a gift for you...
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At 1:29 AM , Anonymous Robin! said...

Oh. i guess the link was corrupted :

At 3:16 AM , Anonymous Ali Sanaei said...

Nice blog.
well done, keep it on ...


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