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Saturday, July 07, 2007

I came back

Today is 07/07/07. Make a wish. I wish peace and bless for the world.
My examinations were well just one .I think I get the best marks. Near 15 days I was far from my city, my home and my parents. It was a little difficult to spend my time with some people who just know how to work not to live. When I was in taxi for a long time I did not get even feel any friendly senses or signals from other passengers.
Nobody wants to know how are you how do you feel unless having some needs. I just could see their attempts to continue their lives, it is respectful but …I miss my city, my river (Zayanderood), my neighbors my friends my nice and kind mother who is my best friend. I could learn many things there during these days, also I had good times with my brother who is my first teacher. We talked, played sang and cried like some years ago when he was a boy at home and we were with each other. It was a great time to remind all our missing memories. Also I had unforgettable times with my love. He tried hard to help me to stand those undesirables. He is a magician. he really helps me and I can get and feel all his love in his eyes. He is the best for me. Thanks God.


At 1:04 AM , Anonymous Fariba said...

If I may ask, where did you meet your Lover? Are you still with him today? If so, what kind of a future can you imagine for you and him in Iran?


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