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Monday, June 16, 2003

on saturday University of Tehran held the first graduated ceremony for foriegn students. some of my colegues and I went to Tehran to join this ceremony. At first I was so happy because that was my first duty, and I wished to learned many things and also enjoyed.
but at that time I underestood that there is a vast difference between other employers and me. You know we have different point of view about work and working. I belive that if any boby love his/her work not only he/she never shows his/her tiredness but also does some thing to help his/her colegues,and make them happy. But unfurtunatly they belive that we should show our tiredness because it proves that we work hard!!!!!!!
Other things that, botherd me on saturday, was, why some people donot belive themseilves and always want to use other`s capacity !
realy why?!
Our kind God gave every body special capacities, we should find them, use and feel pride.
I do not want to say that I have no weakness, I know I have some weakness and I welcome to every body who tell me my weaknesses.
I cut this topic today although it bothered and bother me but I prefer to cut it and talk about good things ;
on saturday I could know many foriegn students which study in Iran. I feel so pride when I heard that they enjoyed Iran and studying in Iran.
I hope every things improve.


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