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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Who is Kourosh?
PART two

At that time MAAD king exiled one of the PARS man to a very bad place. The king thought �he is the best man for his doughter, he was punished enough and he would be obey him.�
The boy�s name was. Finally, they got married. They loved each other so much, and they lived happily. But when Mandana felt that a few months later she became mother. His father had bad dream again, his interpreters told him� a new born baby boy will defeat you�. So he order to one of his trustworthy man-Azhidehak- to kill all the newborn baby boys even his grand child. when Mandana `s boy was born, she was not happy because she had to be separate of her son.
Azhidehak was a kind man and could not do the king�s order himself. So he gave the boy to a shepherd �Mehrdad- to do.
What did he do with son? Did he kill the son?
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