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Thursday, March 25, 2004

In the last day of previous year I decided to delete all things that remind me bad memories, but I did not do it!
I decided to let them alive, they should be alive to remind me many things, to remind me I should be wiser, I should know some thing in our life it is not under our control some body in the highest position control me, he loves me and he helps me as usual, I should learn he knows every thing better than me! He wrote the best for me in my fate and whenever I want to do some thing that is far from my happiness he stop them!
Therefore during these days I listened to the music, I looked at the puppet doll and I thought about the all memories! Although some times I cry slowly in my loneliness, it is good! It shows I am brave enough.
I remember when I was too young I promise myself, to be wise and optimist about world! And now it is the time to realize them!
I hope my God helps me!


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