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Friday, March 19, 2004

It is the last day of this year!
Today I am going to turn and change every thing!
I delete all things that remind me unpleasant memories of this year.
I would like to start a very happy and successful year!
This year, I have understood that I am more patient and stronger than I expected!
I am going to make awake my senses & feelings! I know it is difficult but I have to do! I should convey myself that nothing has changed! That was part of my fate, which can help me to understand some unknowns.
It is near one month that I am in fast of silence about the matter. I hope to be turned of this mood!
I learnt most of the good manners; honest, logic, kind, � are not useful and can not work in our relations. They are just some antique & decorated words that people usually use to get other�s respect and attention. So it is better for me to try to hide some of them inside me! How hard it is! I do not want to loose them they are my valuable beliefs. I only appear them to who is worthy for them!
I have to learn to see the world such that is! Not such that I prefer!
I hope this spring can bring happiness for you too!


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