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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

On Monday morning I went to a hotel to meet my German tour.
They were 12 people that most of them were student. We start our visiting about 10 o�clock. They visited Chihil Sotun palace, Naghsh Jahan square with Alighapou palace, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, King mosque and Gheisarrieh Bazaar. For lunch we went to a traditional restaurant and ate Iranian foods. Every thing was good and we followed my program perfectly until my collogue called me and said today I arranged a meeting with city council for your tour! It made some unwanted changes in my program but we did it and unfortunately the other side of the meeting was not completely ready too. Totally they could talk about some of their topics and then �.
I should back soon and went to the university party! It should be held at Saturday night!
I could not enjoy it. Some thing was happened at the party that really made me sad and angry! I hated the formality party!


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