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Thursday, May 27, 2004

140 years ago Tehran had 30 qanat to provide its water. Now two or three of them are still active. At that time some parts of the city near the qanats used water for washing cloths and dishes so the water became dirty and other parts of the city had to use it, consequently many diseases were prevalent. After some years the king of that time ordered to some bodies to be �SAGHA BASHI�- a person who bring water for others- to bring water from the depth of qanat that is more pure and antibacterial to protect people from the diseases. After some times, the population was increased and some carriage carried a big barrel of water for drink.
After that time, some places were established for drinking water that had pipes to bring water for people. These places were called �AGHA KHANEH�- place of water- and were respectable and holy for people.
From 1931 to 1961 some dames were built on some rivers to use their water more.


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