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Friday, September 17, 2004

Again I `d like to write some thing about Cyrus the great.
Did you read his life story?
He was the only king who was faithful to one woman all his life, the only king who `s charter of human rights, 2600 years ago, eternalized the name of Persia.
He held up to his own principles and yet respected the viewpoints of others. He ruled over lands and people`s hearts. He was the Father to the Persian, the Hellens regarded him as �Master and law-giver�, the Jews as �the anointed of the Lord� and the Muslims believed him to be �Zolgharnien� (bicentennial man ) mentionaed in Koran.


At 12:13 AM , Blogger paymane said...

Cyrus created the first multi-national multi-lingual and multi-tribal empire, ruling over people who didn't speak his language. Xenophon says that he was unlike any other ruler and he mentions that the people who were ruled by him "liked" him. The Greeks used to say persians do three things they fight, the live simple, and they say the TRUTH. The spirit of cyrus lives. All of us can be a small cyrus. We owe it to him not to let truth sacrifice for country and tolerance dies.

At 11:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great that I read your writing about Cyrus the great a day after his memoire day, day of Cyrus the great.
Thank you.


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