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Sunday, October 24, 2004

(about Shiraz)*
PersepolisAccording to thirty thousand baked-clay tablets, ((for the first time in history of mankind, excellent taste, abundant wealth and strong willpower)) safeguarded by efficient and ingenious management came together in Persis to create something that art connoisseurs and historians call the Achaemenian Architecture.
In recent days I will write about Persepolis. It can help you to know more about Takht-e Jamshid it means Jamshid`s platform. Jamshid was one of the justice king of Iran through history.

*(An introductory guide for tourists FARS)


At 3:50 AM , Anonymous Jack said...


I have been there. A magnificent plain from a dynasty given up to Alexander the Great on his march to India. Such an awesome feat from one so young, no? Regardless, the Persopolis is a place that many need to see, along with the high bridges now in decay in the western provinces.

Shiraz is of course another matter. Do the Ghash-Ghayee still have their tribal migrations from east-west every year. They were so colorful and their prices in Shiraz were reasonable.



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