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Friday, September 09, 2005


It is near one week that my classes were finished in the university.now I have more free time to read, rest, think and ...
I set my highschool classes for the coming school year, last week and also university classes.
I will be busy in the coming year. (Iranian school year will be start on 23 Sep)
During the week I read some books and a psychological magazine.
Indeed, I visited a dietician and she set a very rich food program for me. I lose wieght during the summer. I hope I can regain my normal wieght. It is a little difficult to eat every moment and also eat some bland and rich food. Best wishes for you my kind friends.


At 7:42 PM , Blogger PersianArchitect said...

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At 7:44 PM , Blogger PersianArchitect said...

great site ,I will come more often

At 7:54 PM , Blogger Alireza said...

hum, a little confuse are you a school studnet or university student! good luck

At 12:34 PM , Blogger 7472 said...

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At 4:21 PM , Anonymous Shiva said...


I hope your life isn't as stressful now as it was two posts back. You are obviously a strong woman, and an Esfahani, so I think no matter what life brings, you'll definitely be able to handle it.

Please continue to blog because your perspective is important.

Also, I hope school is going well, and that you don't get too busy =0)


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