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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Thank you my nice and kind friends!
On my birth day my friends and my family celebrated my birthday. That was happy and unforgettable day. I wrote all my new decisions and I am trying to follow them.
I have classes in the University 16 hours a week and in high school 11 hours a week and some private students. I have many things to tell you. I hope I can come sooner.
Again thank you my nice friends from all over the world.


At 4:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Eftekhar, You have a very nice blog but I like to make a minor criticism about it and I hope won’t offend you. If I am not mistaken you had mentioned before that you teach English at school but sometimes I see that you are not very careful about English Grammar when writing your own posts and I think it might be a bad influence on your students. Of course considering that English is not your native language, that is quite understandable and actually I myself make lots of mistakes both when I am speaking and writing in English.

At 7:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Death To women's Rights.
Death To women's Freedoms.
Death To women's Liberties.

Why all three phrases? People Like to beable to chant in powers of three for some reason, so after looking up "rights" the the thesarus this is what we have.

Death To feminism.

At 7:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Btw, you don't post enough.

At 12:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

You pedantic ouf. Not even British speak or write perfect English. First of all, she is a woman in a fundamentalist Muslim country, and despite that fact, she overcomes her feelings of dispair while yet doing a well better than average job of knowing English. Moreover, through her emails, it is quite evident that she quite effectively conveys that knowledge to others. Go pontificate elsewhere.

At 12:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As to anonymous regarding women's rights, you must be Iranian. I would imagine that you are male to boot. Sure, those would be your battle cries because if your government didn't tow that hard neanderthal line, your women would not give you the time of day -- let alone a piece of nookie.

At 9:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish you would post more often.
Please do

At 12:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dear Anonymous:
You pedantic ouf. Not even British speak or write perfect English. First of all, she is a woman in a fundamentalist Muslim"
Oh how nice of you, to defend a woman living in a fundamentalist Muslim country, if only there were more of you to come and rescue us!! Is I make a criticism it is because I am also an Iranian woman and in fact from the same city and I believe that someone like Eftekhar or me don’t lack anything and in many regards have achieved more than most women in the west. While we appreciate the friendship we don’t need your pity go waste it somewhere else! You would be surprised to know what percentage of these Iranian women in this fundamental Muslim country are specialist in medical sciences or have Ph.D. and master degrees in sciences like mathematics or engineering!

At 8:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, do not pitty the iranian woman, she is worthy only of american bombs.

When we invade Iran it would be a good thing to spare the men and kill only the women. Iranian men are subjugated with some of the bitchiest women on the planet, the women may even be worse then american and canadian women. These women believe they are goddesses.

The american government should murder the iranian women. The iranian men should be spared.

Just bomb one of the many women's rights marches in Iran.

Iranian women: If you were alive during the height of christianity you would have been burned alive at the stake; that is the Old Testament punishment for women prostitutes. Many of you would be missing a hand; that is the Old Testament punishment for women who attack men's genitals (even if defending her husband).

I hope that america gets Old Testament on your worthless asses iranian women.

May piss be upon you daughters of Iran. Rebellious whores; your chardor cannot hide the truth.

At 8:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an american Catholic of Swiss Irish heritiage.

Death To women's Rights.

> As to anonymous regarding women's >rights, you must be Iranian. I would >imagine that you are male to boot. >Sure, those would be your battle >cries because if your government >didn't tow that >hard neanderthal line, your women >would not give you the time of day >-- let alone a piece of nookie.

At 2:50 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

SALAM ei hamvatan...khaneh az paay bast viraan ast....agar hanooz be ISLAM eteghad darin vali fekr mikonin ISLAMe vaghei behtar az oonie ke hokoomate iran ejra mikone...kamelan dar eshtebahin...ISLAMe vaghei hata kheili badtar az oone....bavar nadarin?!....az in site didan konin ta bishtar aagah beshin www.faithfreedom.org A must read for all IRANIANS and MUSLIMS. if you are in iran and can't access, try a proxy server to access this site. Here you can find a list of them. www.freeproxy.ru/en/free_proxy/cgi-proxy.htm . A proxy server will allow you to access blocked sites. (lotfan be digaran ham etela bedin

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At 3:15 PM , Anonymous MM said...

Happy birthday!

At 1:21 PM , Anonymous aras said...

man baraton e_mail dadam vali engar ke hich ehterami baraye khanandehaton ghael nistin


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