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Monday, May 19, 2008

It is a long time I have not had enough time to surf on net as I did before.I am too busy with my thesis,PhD examinations and some other projects.I do not have enough time to have a short trip.the only thing I tried to keep doing is my walking in the park which is near my dormitory early in the morning.you know because of my high pressure and stress I was in the hospital for two days last week.
I hope my God help me to do the best.
best wishes from an Iranian daughter to all my Friends and readers.


At 9:03 AM , Anonymous Raghav said...

Hi Iranian Daughter.I am A Big Fan of Your Blogs. I love their simple and easy to read nature. They give an insight as to who you are. Keep up the good work
And Sorry About Your Hospital Visit.. Hope U wil Be Fine .

I am personally fascinated by Iran And Thats Why I was looking around for Iranian Blogs from nside Iran. Can you Also post about daily life in Iran And Also few pictures of everyday Life.. I wud also love to be friends with u and communicate with u as online friends . I love to have friends from your country.. Hope U wil Accept..

With Regards
Raghav {India}

At 10:19 AM , Anonymous Raghav said...

Hi Raghav Again .. Mi Email Id Is corleone.mikhail@gmail.com and I also Have few other emails .. Please Mail Me sometime...

At 12:07 AM , Blogger maryam said...

I hope you will be fine soon!
Soon e soon!;)


At 8:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Iftekar, I live in France but from India from a place called Hyderabad. I had schooling in Kazipet where my grandfather bought a property from a Parsi family. One of the boys from that family and I were classmates and from then I have a great respect and love towards Iranian people and their culture. My friend Rustom Gew Irani now lives in Bombay where he is married and settled. I saw this blog of yours and would like to know more about Iran. I speak Hyderabadi a language in which we can find lots of Persian words.I am also familiar of the Iranian community in Hyderabad. They are wonderful people with lots of family values and rich traditions.
Now a days I listen to Iranian radio music on iTunes.I would be pleased to know more about Iran, its people and life.
Thanks you for your blogs.
John David

At 1:35 AM , Blogger Mister Ghost said...

Hello Eftekhar,
I hope you feel better and your blood pressure and stress return to normal levels. Everything will work out fine for you. We are all rooting for you
(cheering for you).

Take Care,
Mister Ghost

At 7:39 PM , Blogger JREwing said...

I am from the USA, (known to all you folks as the Great Satan).....never could figure all that out.
Anyhow, I enjoy your blog. Hopefully someday I can visit Iran. I'm 51 now, and remember the days of 1979 vividly. Maybe someday we can clear up misunderstandings we have about our respective cultures.

At 4:26 PM , Blogger Fariborz Shamshiri said...

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At 1:42 PM , Anonymous Abal Fash said...

By now you are already a doctorate pHd,

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