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Friday, December 21, 2007


Qorban is one of the most important holiday in Islam world.Qorban means scarify,it refers to the day of Abraham.when God told him to sacrifice his son for God,and he was doing so,when the God sent him a sheep and said sacrifice it, I accepted your faith and sacrifice, you are "Khalil o llah"(God`s Friend).
All the Muslim celebrate this day and anyone who visited mecca(before or now)sacrifice a sheep and give it to poor people or the charity foundation.
I Congratulate Qorban to all the believable men in the world.


At 1:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eftekhar
Please do not mention Qorban as an iranian tradition. It is an arabic tradition that has been forced to us, like islam itself. Qorban and things like that are contaminating iranian culture and for this contamination, people across the world (i have been to 16 countries) think we are arabs. We don't exist on the world map and everyone considers us just a monkey who is playing for arabs. Even the name Persian gulf is no more familiar, anywhere i went, from US, Canada, Brazil, ...to Egypt and Japan, when i say persian gulf, they think for 5 seconds and then they say, "o you mean Arab Gulf!!!"
This is our fault Eftekhar. We have to stop being Muslims and we have to start being Iranians once more, and we have to get back our glory that was shattered by islam. Mehregan, Norooz, Sade...these are Iranian festivities. Qorban is Arabic and most iranians i talked to don't want to be Arabs anymore.

At 3:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Iranian Daughter,
Anymous is right. Do you cover your head?

Is this normal? What kind of a religion would have a prophet who married and consummated his marriage with a nine year old girl?

Mohammed was simply a dirtly old man who came up with a ‘religion‘ which allowed him to fulfull his fantasies.

In the Koran a woman is 1/2 the value of a man, a man can divorce his wife but a woman cannot divorce and as you well know everybody gains weight during the month of fasting because we all eat too much at night.

It is a mess! The problem is islam and the way it is has destroyed us all.

We all live under the fear of doing the wrong thing or saying the wrong thing that the secret police will get us for.

What kind of religion would do that?

It is the religion of blood and hell.

Dont you see it?

At 9:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi from a son of France,
The ultimate sacrifice of God is Jesus Christ His only Son who came to save the world and to save you too Iranian daughter. Throught the blood of Jesus Christ you don t need anymore sacrifice, you don t need to avoid to eat a certain kind of food... because Jesus said: It s not what come into the body who is dirty it s who come out the body (our words)
God bless you and I pray that Jesus will visit you in your dreams.

At 4:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tehran (Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency) -- According to archeological research in the 5000-year-old burnt city, in eastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan, sacrificing human beings was a common practice in ancient times.

After excavating a number of graves in the cemetery of the burnt city, the Iranian archeological team came across signs of murder and generally beheaded bodies.

�During excavations in the burnt city cemetery, we came across a grave with only one skull buried along with gifts and personal items needed for the afterlife. There was also another grave in the form of a circle with 13 skulls arranged toward the outside. In the center of this circle, there were bones of a 45-year-old man and the skulls of 2 dogs�, Mansoor Sajjadi, head of archeological team, told CHN.

According to Sajjadi, another grave contained a skeleton with its head below its feet along with 2 daggers. As all the deceased have been buried in religious ceremonies, it seems unlikely that they have been evil-doers punished for their crimes.

�Burying the heads in a circle is a proof for the existence of a ritual among the people in the burnt city, but we need to do more excavations and research to come to a definite conclusion about the sacrifice ritual�, Sajjadi said.

Burnt city ancient site in Sistan-Baluchistan province in southeastern Iran is one of the most important prehistoric sites in Iran. Though this site has been the subject of 8 seasons of archeological research, the experts do not still know what people resided in this city.


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