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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some News

I know ,I know it is a long time after my last post here...I was busy...also I `d liked to write some thing better here about Iran`s history or some thing else.During the months ,I was busy on my thesis and an article,also with my work.you know I `ve left Esfahan university,I could not stand the new dictator director,not only me all my colleagues prefer to leave there although we love our job.one month ago I felled down from ten stairs and my head and back injured.Three weeks ago I was informed that I have a problem in my stomach and I have to take some awful medicine for a long time. yesterday,on the road of Esfahan- Tehran,I was with my brother`s family.We had a very terrible accident.It was such fast that I just jump to catch the children in my arm,perhaps the all happened in 3 minutes.Fortunately,no one injured,only we have pain in our neck ,back and shoulders.God helped us...
Two days ago I received the accepting letter of my article abstract in a seminar on "Iranian dialects and history".It is about Phonological process in one of the Iranian dialects.
I hope to finish my thesis in the coming month.
In the end,I can say, although I had an active days!!!I `ve felt the presence of the God and his protection more and more...


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