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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seminars in Iran

During these days I am working on my article about phonological analysis of one of the Iranian dialects for Second Linguistics and inscriptions Seminar.It will be held on 21-23 Feb in National museum in Teharn by Iran Cultural Heritage & Tourism organization.Also I will participant in Third Seminar on Cognitive Sciences 3-5 Mar in Tarbiat Modares university in Tehran. I have a tour from U.S.A on 3rd -6th Mar,I have to organise my program to do the all.In addition I have my classes in the university,distance learning center and Language institute.
Imagine how?!


At 12:36 AM , Anonymous fateme said...

hi eftekhar
how busy u are.but u know there is a rule I beleive in which says the more busy u are,the more active u become.I hope it works for u too.
and something else:u've got a nice blog

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