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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Iranian New Year has been started since Friday.

Spring has come and brought lots of hopes and wishes.

I wish you the best in the new year...

I wish you a very exciting days during the new year...
About the picture:
It is my Haft seen (seven blessed things started with "s" sound),I have a bad cold and I could not be as tactful as I am ,about the order of the things in the Haft seen. you know Iranians put one red apple in a bowl full of water because they believe that on the exact time of spring`s arrival the flouted apple has a smooth turn in the water as the earth do so. As usual I put the red apple in my gold fish house to bring happiness for the newly wedding gold fish.
According to Indian astrology this year is the year of cow. I put the cow puppet in my Haft seen.

P.S For ten days I tried to come here and write but the net speed was slow.


At 4:10 PM , Anonymous Deep Blue Sea { regular reader} said...

Happy New Year Dear eftekhar.. Plz Write hear more regularly.. Plz tell me more abt Esfahan. Because I love an Iranian Girl from Esfahan who studies in my city..

At 5:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I celebrated Nowruz with friends this year. It wasn't easy to find the Haf Sin here in France but it wasn't that bad. Your table looks great.

Happy Nowruz even if it's a bit late.


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