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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Last thursday, I went to one of the travel agency of Esfahan,to pass my training period. and today is the second day.on thursday I thought working in a travel agency is boring, or at least during this period, it is boring because I do not know what can I do.At first day the manager told me,if you have any question about working here you can ask my son( he is thecnical manager but without any certification,he has worked in travel agency for a long time, so he has good experiences.At first I have no question, but when I started to read some of their papers,tour itinery some thing become strange for me and I asked him and he answered me patiently.And today when a lady came to agency to asked some questions about their tours he asked me to answered her and acording to what I read
during these days I answered her.At first I was panick and I did not know where should I start,but a few minutes latter I felt relax and answered her. during this time he observed me, I do not know what is his idea about it?!
I am sure that I can be a successful thecnical manager in future,I ask God to help me.


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