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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Who is Cyrus?
When Mehrdad took the baby boy, he was too tired and preferred to come back home and rest. When he came into his house, he found out that his little son was die in the morning. And his wife because of more cries became sick. He told himself � I can replace this boy with my dead son �. He did so, and held a royal mourning for the dead son.
He called the new baby Cyrus. Year by year passed and cyrus became older. He was friend of royal kids and he spent more times with them. But Cyrus was a very strong and influential boy. He was so series about every thing even the games. You know, he punished royal
Kids because of their violation or unreasonable pouses. But one day, one
of the kids reported king about Cyrus`s behavior. When the king heard about him and his talents was eager to see him. The king asked Azhidehak to bring him.
Did the Mehrdad`s secret reveal? Did the king know Cyrus?
Next time you will know.



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