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Friday, May 21, 2004

On Monday, my friend and I went to Saad Abad historical and cultural complex. It is located in north of Tehran and surrounded by Alborz and grassy valleys of Darband, in pleasure area. In Ghajarid period it was the summer�s place for the kings and after coup detal of 1299 con sec, some other palaces and gardens were added and it became summer place for the first Pahlavi King ( Reza khan). In the Pahlavi period 18 palaces and mansions were built in Saad abad that each one exhibited elaborate art and Iranian art of architectures.
After Islamic revolution of Iran some of these palaces were changed in to museums such as research and anthropology museum, beautiful art museum, nation museum- palace, military museum, water national museum, Mir Emad writing museum, �.
We visited white palace and Miremad writing museum and water national museum. When I entered the complex and saw such beautiful place with those old, tall and green trees beside the great palaces that all show Iranian art and architecture I felt proud and pleasure and thanks God for his kind!


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