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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Dear friends, the most important reason of my absence was something happening in my life. I needed time to forget, think and regain what I lost. Whenever I wanted to write all the sadness and difficulties came and I could not post them. I don't like to bother any body or awake your soul about sadness; how less we know about them life is better and easier. Fortunately now I am happy, energetic and wise (I hope). During my long absence I have learned a little French. So now I can speak French a little. Also I am learning to play piano. I can play some simple music. I am learning how to drive well and I hope to get the driving license in coming month.
I had a wide job opportunities such as teaching in different language institutes and
Be tour manager of some travel agencies. I had to consider them and have some meetings and finally answer them. That is too hard to think and evaluate different opportunities at the same time without enough time. At last I refuse all the tour manager opportunities and accept two language institutes.
Now I teach in a high school, two language institutes and as usual two days I teach in Esfahan University.
Thanks for your patience and kindness.


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