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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Two weeks ago on Wednesday I had driving test. I could pass it successfully. I think about one month later I can receive my driving license. I enjoyed driving so much… perhaps some body who visited Iran before said "oh no driving is terrible and impossible in Iran …" I know but also know how to do it carefully and meet it. Last Thursday I had M.A examination for state universities I hope to accept.
Unfortunately my uncle and my best sister-in-law's father are sick and they are in a hospital. I hope they become well soon.
It is last days of the year for us, these days every body is happy and tries to do the best for New Year. I hope I can do so, soon.


At 6:16 AM , Anonymous Glen said...

Read your blog after stumbling upon it. Hope your driving test went well. Saw you post from New Years. I could'nt agree more, peace for everyone in the world. Greetings from Idaho, U.S.A.


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