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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Listen! You can listen its steps. One, two, three,!
Spring is coming! …
Listen it calls you! Come on! Open the door and arm it!
It brings happiness and pride for you!
It is at the back of the door! Be ready!
It loves to meet you with the blue dress like its rivers and the light yellow crown like its shiny sun and the green shoes like its grass!
Look at the mirror! Oh no! Smile! Be happy! …
That is it! Open the door! …
How magnificent moment! …
You are lucky! You can meet it!
Promise it that you never forget your friends! Even who forget you!
Spring never forget you!
Please send its massage to all that have slept yet!
You are lucky !

Tomorrow is our NOW ROOZ( new day).
Happy new year.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fal- e Hafez

Divan (complete works) of Hafez is not simply a literary collection; it is in fact beyond literature. It is a letter of life, our own biography perhaps. That is why every time we pick up his book, make a wish, open the book and read the poem, we sea ourselves in there. Fal-e Hafez opens up a gate to pure wisdom and the vast territory of soul and spirit. It reveals our inner fears. It warns us to be virtuous in life and it shows that sincerity is the road top revelation.