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Saturday, September 15, 2007

A good News

Last month I applied for a university in Esfahan to teach B.A courses there. After some meetings and interviews ,finally last week they called me and informed me you `ve accepted, and asked me about my free days. I really surprised, as you know I am still M.A student but I could pass their difficult interviews well and now I can teach my favorite courses. This semester I teach linguistics and translating the deed and documents. My kind God, you are the best, you never leave me alone, and always you help me and are with me. Then thanks to my mother because of all her kindness and patience and you, my love! I appreciate all your encouragements. You are the best gift from my God in my life.
By the way, I am studying French again with a French teacher. She is my Farsi student in Esfahan University. She teaches perfectly and I can speak better, now.
Also I `ve finished one of my projects. I think, it will be published in November.
On September 23rd is the beginning of the new educational year in Iran. I have 2 days class in my university, 2 days I have TOEFL class there too. And 3 days I am in Esfahan. So I have no time to teach in high schools. I miss my students; I hope I can meet them soon in the university.