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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Answering a question and ...

One of my best American friend -Jam-who knew me from my web log ask me:
You wrote about Arg-e-Karimkhani, and i have a question : in it you said the Zand Dynasty was "post Islam", and since 'post' is 'after', i was wondering, what took it's place in the meantime?

The first king of Zand Dynasty was known as a justice king. He called himself "Vakil al ra`aya" which means the attorney of people. Nobody called him the king. So he was, and is one of the most respectful kings in our history. Also the Arg e Karimkhani which I talked about it before is in Shiraz.

My translating project which was about some world religions was finished last week. My university classes will be finished next Monday. So I become freer to do some thing for myself. Indeed I am going to an aerobic class on odd day morning. It is really interesting and enjoyable. I feel fresh after my class. These days I could not practice my piano lessons. I hope I can do next week.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One week for myself!

Last Tuesday I went to Tehran to rest and see my family and friends. I had one week off and I decided to travel to Tehran to renew visiting my friends and brother. Every thing was ok and great I enjoyed my trip so much. You know one of the souvenirs of the trip was 40 English text pages to translate. They are about different religions in the world; Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism Hinduism. I've finished the two first; Judaism Christianity and some parts of Buddhism. They are for cultural department of Tehran municipality. I hope I can translate them as soon as possible.
Indeed. Yesterday was Father's day it is because of Holy Ali (our first Imam, who is the symbol of justice, kindness and braveness) birthday.
My kind father I love you are the best father in the world.

Arg-e- Karim khan

It is the royal palace of Karim khan and other kings of the Zand dynasty (post Islam), one of the most splendid monuments built by clay and brick. In every corner of the palace we find beautiful pieces of plasterwork and glazed tiles, images of Rostam (one of the kind and strongest characters of Shahname) and the White Div (monster) to symbolize resistance, loyalty, generosity and courage.