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Sunday, June 29, 2003

A lover knows only humility
he has no choice
he steals into your alley at night
he has no choice.
he longs to kiss every lock of your hair
do not fret
he has no choice.
in his frenzied love for you,
he longs to break
the chains of his imprisonment
he has no choice.

written by Mollana.

Today, my second brother who I like him very much, called me. We talked about many things, and also about my recent problem. He told me� you should change your beliefs about the society�. He believed I am idealist, and it is not applied in the society. He said that these things are normal in work relationships. He suggested me�if you want to work in the society you should learn to tolerate these things and be careful about these persons and also avoid to learn their methods�. Finally he told me if you do this you can continue your work life, if not you should kill your self!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2003

yesterday I was too angry. but really why some body wants to put away others.
I believe that all the people can work together only by observe the laws and have a good motivation for working and do their jobs carefully.
What is your idea?!

Friday, June 27, 2003

Who is Cyrus?
Last part
Year by year passed, Cyrus became a young and powerful man.
During that times he became familiar with different people.
He learned many things about managing a country and some other things.
Finally, because of the corruption in government organization and oppression of the king Cyrus arranged an army and made an attack on Median government.
Then Cyrus became great king of Iran and established the Achaemenidae. Then he governed the whole of Iran successfully and justly.
Cyrus made some fire temple and named them Azhidehak to respect him.
This is the story of Cyrus great king of Iran, that I heard and know.

I want to cry I want to damn her I want to cry,
Why? Really why? I was so kind with you I teach you many things I told you some best advises but why? Why you told them such bad things about me really you think I am not a good
Teacher?! I am not fluent in English?! Are you??????!!!!!!!
And what about you- the boss- why do you accept her talks???
You know me you observed my class many times!!!! You know I did the best or I tried to do the best!
Today when you saw my suggestion days and when I asked you to read my research papers about Esfahan you told me Oh! You are so busy, so famous girl, do you have any time for us???
What do you mean? I really do not know, but I am sure I never work carelessly. I have high motivation and I love my work so much. Nobody can steal or distract my motivation be sure!
Since now I do not like to teach in your institute. Your institute is based on wrong manner.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Today, my mother and I, for a very unimportant thing had argued. We became too angry. At that time I found out that my mother and I can not understand each other, she has her own ideas and beliefs which are belong to many times ago when I was not in this world. And I have my own ideas and beliefs, which belong to now. I think we can not understand each other, we only tolerate each other because I love her very much and she loves me too.
I think I am right, because I am young and can do many things and I think about future and risks. She also, thinks she is right, because she is old and has many experiences and believes that we should be careful and care about future. She believes the nature and my fate make my life, but I believe if I want I can make my life and fate.
I do not know, maybe she is right, and maybe me.

Who is Cyrus?
When Azhidahak inform the king about Cyrus, The king became too angry. But he did not show it, he asked Azhidehak to invite all the officials for a big party. At that party Azhidehak found out that the king punished him by killing his son and held that party to serve as an example for others. Then the king exiled Cyrus to a very bad and far part of Iran.
What did Cyrus do?


Who is Cyrus?

Finally, the king and Cyrus meet each other. They felt some thing strange, they thought that they met each other before! But when and
where?! The king asked him some questions; difficult questions but he could answer all. The king was surprised and also afraid of him. The king
called Azhidehak and asked him about his grand child, and ordered him
to survey about his death. Azhidehak called Mehrdad and asked him
about Kourosh. Finally Mehrdad told him whole story. Azhidehak
became so happy and appreciated him. Azhidehak wanted to inform king about this good news and got reward.
Did the king become happy because of that news? Did the king accept his grand child and support him?


Sunday, June 22, 2003

Last thursday, I went to one of the travel agency of Esfahan,to pass my training period. and today is the second day.on thursday I thought working in a travel agency is boring, or at least during this period, it is boring because I do not know what can I do.At first day the manager told me,if you have any question about working here you can ask my son( he is thecnical manager but without any certification,he has worked in travel agency for a long time, so he has good experiences.At first I have no question, but when I started to read some of their papers,tour itinery some thing become strange for me and I asked him and he answered me patiently.And today when a lady came to agency to asked some questions about their tours he asked me to answered her and acording to what I read
during these days I answered her.At first I was panick and I did not know where should I start,but a few minutes latter I felt relax and answered her. during this time he observed me, I do not know what is his idea about it?!
I am sure that I can be a successful thecnical manager in future,I ask God to help me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Who is Cyrus?
When Mehrdad took the baby boy, he was too tired and preferred to come back home and rest. When he came into his house, he found out that his little son was die in the morning. And his wife because of more cries became sick. He told himself � I can replace this boy with my dead son �. He did so, and held a royal mourning for the dead son.
He called the new baby Cyrus. Year by year passed and cyrus became older. He was friend of royal kids and he spent more times with them. But Cyrus was a very strong and influential boy. He was so series about every thing even the games. You know, he punished royal
Kids because of their violation or unreasonable pouses. But one day, one
of the kids reported king about Cyrus`s behavior. When the king heard about him and his talents was eager to see him. The king asked Azhidehak to bring him.
Did the Mehrdad`s secret reveal? Did the king know Cyrus?
Next time you will know.


Monday, June 16, 2003

sorry I left my disk in my office so until wednesday I can not poblish rest of Cyrus story.
again sorry.

on saturday University of Tehran held the first graduated ceremony for foriegn students. some of my colegues and I went to Tehran to join this ceremony. At first I was so happy because that was my first duty, and I wished to learned many things and also enjoyed.
but at that time I underestood that there is a vast difference between other employers and me. You know we have different point of view about work and working. I belive that if any boby love his/her work not only he/she never shows his/her tiredness but also does some thing to help his/her colegues,and make them happy. But unfurtunatly they belive that we should show our tiredness because it proves that we work hard!!!!!!!
Other things that, botherd me on saturday, was, why some people donot belive themseilves and always want to use other`s capacity !
realy why?!
Our kind God gave every body special capacities, we should find them, use and feel pride.
I do not want to say that I have no weakness, I know I have some weakness and I welcome to every body who tell me my weaknesses.
I cut this topic today although it bothered and bother me but I prefer to cut it and talk about good things ;
on saturday I could know many foriegn students which study in Iran. I feel so pride when I heard that they enjoyed Iran and studying in Iran.
I hope every things improve.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Who is Kourosh?
PART two

At that time MAAD king exiled one of the PARS man to a very bad place. The king thought �he is the best man for his doughter, he was punished enough and he would be obey him.�
The boy�s name was. Finally, they got married. They loved each other so much, and they lived happily. But when Mandana felt that a few months later she became mother. His father had bad dream again, his interpreters told him� a new born baby boy will defeat you�. So he order to one of his trustworthy man-Azhidehak- to kill all the newborn baby boys even his grand child. when Mandana `s boy was born, she was not happy because she had to be separate of her son.
Azhidehak was a kind man and could not do the king�s order himself. So he gave the boy to a shepherd �Mehrdad- to do.
What did he do with son? Did he kill the son?
Please wait for next time


Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Who is Cyrus?
Many many years ago, three nations came to large Iranian plateau and settled down. They were Parsee, Parthia, Madian. Madian nation could stablish the first kingdom in Iran. Sometimes they had battle with other two nations especially Parsee nation.
At the time of last king of Madian, this nation faced with many problems, other nations run riot in some part of Iran. And every thing was against Madian nation.
The last Madian king had a very beautiful girl. Her name was Mandana.
And many boys of Madian nation liked to get marry with her. But one night, the king had a bad dream and his dream interpreters told him �you should not allow your doughter to get marry with Madian boys, if you do this you help your enemy to fail you. You should choose your daughter�s husband among other nations. It can help you to have more friends and protect your kingdom.�
But who could be her husband? Who was chose by the king? From which nations? What was the future of Madian nation? What was the future of Iran?
You can find the answers next time.


Sunday, June 08, 2003

A few days ago I heard that an England director is making a film about Cyrus one of the famous Iranian king.
So, I think it is good idea that I, as an Iranian, write something about him for you.
Who is Cyrus? (in Farsi Kourosh)
I believe that he is the first just king in Iran. He was an open-minded man; he respected all the people from any nationality and religious. He believed that all the people have the equal rights.
Next time I will write some thing about his life.


Saturday, June 07, 2003

Last Friday my tourism classmates and I took a tripe to Kashan (one of historical town of Iran, near Esfahan) to visit and study some of its
historical sites.
We also visit other towns, near Kashan such as Ghamsar(town of roses and rose water).
During this tripe we learned many things about Iranian history and also we enjoyed the nice and dreamy weather. Imagine every where was covered green and red and pink roses (my favorite flowers). You know, when I walked on historical sites, I feel proud, because my ancestors were one of the first civilized nations. I said thanks God because of his kind and favor to my mother country, and also I asked him to help Iranian to make Iran more modern and civilized again.


I should say something and apologize you, all the poems of Mollana that I wrote were translated by some professors of Oxford university and Mr. Kordasti just collected them as a book.
I am so sorry for my careless.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

These days I am so busy. because it is at the end of university term in Iran and also I should work in a travel agency as atrainee, then I should teach to my foreign and iranian students, and do my research about differences of Esfahan historical monuments before and after Islam, and translate 60 English pages to Farsi, ... . I hope I can do all of them well and successfully.So I appologize every one who read my weblog because of my pause to writting and sending.